Nayma WordPress Theme

How do I import the Demo Content?

Go to “Theme Options” >> “General” tab >> “Options & Content” section >> and press the “Import Dummy Content” button.
By doing that you’ll import to your WordPress installation the demo content and settings. Please be aware that this process will override your current content & options in lots of ways. It is advisable that you do this only on installs with no previous content.

Note: If you will be using WooCommerce plugin, please install it before doing the import, and let it create its pages. Importing its dummy content too will gladly help your demo content look amazing. ;)

Note 2: Keep in mind that in order to keep your host resources safe we are not importing images, but referencing them. Because of that, you will not see the actual images being cropped until you re-upload them.

* If you receive a success message but don’t see any content imported **and** you had the WordPress Importer plugin activated, give this a second run, the Importer will have used the first one to deactivate the plugin to enable this action.

I can’t import the Demo Content.

If you tried to import the Demo Content without success it can be due to a couple of reasons. First, the content importer can’t work if the WordPress Importer plugin is active. To solve that, it will automatically deactivate it upon running, but it’ll need another run to effectively import the content. So, if you had your WordPress Importer plugin active, and when running the Demo Content Importer it didn’t work, give it another run and see if the content has come this time.

Secondly, there are server limitations that will stop processes after a certain amount of time. If that is your case, you’ll need to raise the php limits for your WordPress install in order to do that. Here are some links with detailed explanations:

The first one should suffice, but check out the other two in case it gets harder.

Anyway, you can still manually upload the demo content. In case you do want to import the content manually, you have it all ready in the folder /inc/dcontent inside the theme folder. The file you’ll want to import for the content itself (by navigating to Tools >> Import is nayma_dcontent.xml.gz. Next you open the nayma-demo-settings.txt file and copy its content to the Import settings box in Theme Options. Lastly, this plugin: will let you import the widgets from the file nayma_widget_data.json.

All of them are in the same folder. Do it in that order, as the sidebars and widget areas needs to be created before attempting to import the widgets to them.

I don’t see the Visual Composer button in my modules/posts/portfolios/etc.

Navigate to “Settings” >> “Visual Composer” and activate:

quadro_mods (for Modules)
quadro_nym_portfolio (for Portfolio)
post (for Posts)

You should now see the Visual Composer button below the post title in those pages.

I want my site to look like Home v.2 (or any other Home version) on the Demo.

Make an import of the Demo Content by following the instructions on this FAQ page. You’ll now have all the content and settings from Nayma’s demo. Then locate the page you want to recreate and the modules this page uses and start playing to adapt them to your site. Afterwards, we recommend you to delete all the pages and modules you won’t use.